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Harner Radon Relief is Cleveland, OH’s reliable provider of radon testing and mold testing services. In the United States, radon is the number one cause of cancer for nonsmokers. Even worse, it is colorless, odorless, and invisible. These characteristics make it impossible to detect without the assistance of an expert.

Fortunately, we are Cleveland’s dependable radon testing contractor. When you contact us, our skilled team will visit your property, explain the testing process, answer any questions you may have, and then begin testing procedures. When we get the results back to you, we can go over them with you and describe any necessary next steps.

Looking to make sure you don’t have a radon problem? Harner Radon Relief can help! Contact us today at 1-844-386-5938 or simply click below to schedule your free radon testing estimate. We are proud to serve Cleveland, OH and the surrounding areas.

Radon mitigation experts serving Cleveland

How do we determine if further action is necessary to combat increased radon levels? According to the EPA, immediate action is required if the radon levels in your home reach or exceed 4.0 pCi/L. Luckily, when you entrust Harner Radon Relief with your radon mitigation needs, decreasing your radon level is simple! We provide high-quality radon mitigation systems, which will return your home to safety in no time at all.

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If you are unsure whether you have a radon problem, want your home tested for mold, or are seeking a reliable contractor to restore the safety and health of your home, give us a call today at 1-844-386-5938. We look forward to assisting you in Cleveland, OH and areas nearby in Cuyahoga County.

Job Stories From Cleveland, OH
High Levels With An Office In The Basement!

This homeowner had his main office space in the basement and their family spent a lot of time down there. So when his radon test came back high, he gave us a call right away.


The best design that we came up with was an interior system. This is because the unfinished utility space was right next to the garage and had no access to exterior walls. We were able to stay tucked next to other plumbing runs and in the garage they hung their Jeep doors on the wall so we were cognizant of that and routed our pipe in a way that wouldn't inhibit their storage space. The system turned out great and their levels dropped dramatically! 

High Levels With An Office In The Basement! - Photo 1High Levels With An Office In The Basement! - Photo 2High Levels With An Office In The Basement! - Photo 3High Levels With An Office In The Basement! - Photo 4
Concerned Homeowners

We initially did a test for this family because they had young children and were concerned about their health in regards to radon. They were also from Colorado (which has very high radon levels) and they had a system in their last house.


The levels came back below the EPA action, but still high enough to be of concern. Every 1 pCi/L of radon exposure is equivalent to smoking 2.5 cigarettes a day in lung cancer risk. So they felt it was still necessary to take action.


This house was bi-level, it had a portion of the house on slab, as well as a regular basement. Because of this we drilled a second extraction point into the block wall of the slab section in order to mitigate as much of the radon as possible. We then positioned the exterior portion of the system so that it was nicely tucked away behind bushes in their backyard.


The readings dropped down below .5 pCi/L, which is even lower than the outside are levels.

Concerned Homeowners - Photo 1Concerned Homeowners - Photo 2
An Efficient Energy Recovery Ventilator Install!

This customer was concerned about their indoor air quality. They had already gotten their radon tested and it was in the green, so now they were looking to take the next step. An ERV is great for indoor air quality because it exhausts the poor inside air, while bringing in fresh, filtered outside air, giving great circulation throughout the space as well. When designing an ERV, we take special care to design the system with our customer. This way the customer is on the same page as we are throughout the entire install. The client's experience and level of comfort is always paramount to us.


During this install, the customer was remodeling, which is a perfect time to get this type of work done, this way any drywall repairs or the addition of an outlet can be done easily. The location we chose for the ERV was where the utility room was going to be. We generally like to use this space because it's out of the way for the customer and it keeps all of those types of units in one area. It was also a great spot because it had access to exterior walls as well as a nice section of the basement. When placing our exterior vents and our interior registers, we want to ensure that they are all at least 6 feet apart, that way we aren't pulling back in air that was just exhausted. Regarding the ductwork, we are able to put some above the drywall ceiling and the others we positioned so that they were up and out of the way of any future shelving or storage space they may need.


In the end the customer was very happy with the finished product. Once turned on, the system was working great and was now pumping fresh air into the home. On average ERV's reduce allergens and chemicals by up to 75%! If you're at all concerned with your home's indoor air quality, give us a call at 1-844-386-5938. We would be happy to educate you on our various products and make your home healthier!

An Efficient Energy Recovery Ventilator Install! - Photo 1An Efficient Energy Recovery Ventilator Install! - Photo 2An Efficient Energy Recovery Ventilator Install! - Photo 3An Efficient Energy Recovery Ventilator Install! - Photo 4An Efficient Energy Recovery Ventilator Install! - Photo 5
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