Process For Radon Mitigation

Sometimes when designing mitigation systems there are multiple courses of action, some more complex than others.


For example, a home in Garrettsville, OH had levels starting at around 8 pCi/L. This home had a main slab, a small crawlspace, and a sump pit. We had the option to take suction from the main slab and the crawlspace but it would require running 20 ft of pipe across their basement and most likely adding a higher suction fan which would be louder and draw 3 times the amount of energy . Due to this factor we decided to only treat the main slab but leave open the option of addressing the crawlspace if levels didn't drop adequately. 


Post-mitigation testing showed a drop from the 8 pCi/L to around 5 pCi/L, still above the action level and our guarantee of below 4 pCi/L. 


As was prefaced to the homeowner before the installation, we needed to address the crawlspace. When we did the levels were reduced to around 1 pCi/L and we didn't have to use a more powerful fan due to the large amount of gravel underneath the soil which gave us more than enough airflow. 


Radon mitigation can at times be an "art" and takes a fine balance between going overboard and not doing enough. Every situation is different and when there are any variables that we are unsure about, we make sure to communicate clearly with the customer!

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